Content Strategist

Most people who recognize bad web content roll their eyes — you see it and want to help.

We’re looking for a creative, analytical thinker with solid communication skills and a passion for solving problems.

This job is perfect for you if:

  • You believe it all comes down to content and will preach it to any client, colleague, or innocent bystander who will listen.
  • You can deliver the hard truth about a client’s website with tact and sympathy, leading them from crummy content denier to true believer by the end of a design process.
  • You enjoy teaching people to produce great web content, whether you’re leading weekly editorial coaching sessions, facilitating a content strategy workshop, or giving CMS training.
  • A master of voice and tone, you’re skilled at churning out bits of UX microcopy and 10-page research summaries alike.
  • You’re good at reorganizing a site’s information architecture to meet both client and user goals (even when they’re at odds). You’re not afraid to ask why or challenge decisions.
  • You understand good SEO principles and know how to weave them in from the start rather than generating unintelligible pages crammed with keywords.


The content strategist works with a project from stakeholder interviews through post-launch progress report to ensure that everything is on-message, meets project goals, and actually makes sense. You’ll write some web copy, but spend most of your time walking clients through the process of creating content themselves, training them to make and stick to plans long after you’re no longer on speed dial.

You’ll do content inventories and audits, create governance plans and editorial schedules, and write content requirements for content contributors and programmers alike. You’ll lead messaging exercises with CEOs and talk stressed-out, overworked writers down from their ledges. But your chief job is to help clients’ content speak to their users effectively, and then teach them how to do it on their own.

3-5 years of experience in journalism, marketing, or another writing field is required. CMS experience is not necessary, but will help; you’ll be working as a content contributor in both Drupal and Wordpress to help developers test and train clients on the products we build.

Our ideal candidate would live in the Blacksburg, Virginia area or is interested in relocating here. We are open to considering candidates who work remotely full-time, but only those that can demonstrate successful experience as a full-time remote team member and provide references in their submission materials to prove it.

NewCity does not sponsor employment visas; only candidates legally eligible to work in the United States will be considered.


NewCity is a 23-year-old, 25-person firm, working in a highly collaborative, low-ego environment to create digital experiences for the real world. We ask big questions, dream big dreams, but at the end of the day we build things that work. Our culture is can-do, roll-up-your-sleeves, I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine. We’re constantly learning, experimenting and reinventing NewCity.

We’re organized around seven key disciplines: user experience, visual design, content strategy, development, digital marketing and analytics, project management and business development. Our project teams are made of people from multiple disciplines.


If you review our portfolio, you’ll see a lot of work in higher education. It represents about 70% of our work each year. We love working with colleges and universities. It’s a dynamic, constantly changing space that always presents fresh challenges. The rest of our work is mainly with non-profits and B2B corporations. Roughly half our work each year is with repeat clients.

Our clients say there’s nothing cookie-cutter in our portfolio. They say we capture the unique DNA of their brand. That’s huge for us. You’ll be instrumental in helping us continue to do that.


Equal Employment Opportunity has been, and will continue to be, a fundamental principle of NewCity. As an equal opportunity employer, employment is based upon personal capabilities, qualifications and performance. NewCity does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability or any other legally protected status.